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A terrific former client, Clara Kensie, has agreed to let me show off the line-editing I did on the first few manuscript pages of her Harlequin book Deception So Deadly (I edited it and its sequel Deception So Dark, now nominated for two RITA Awards.) When I line-edited Clara’s books, I also provided her with a short 1-2 page editorial letter, as I do with all my line edits.

Also, it should be noted that Clara’s pages required very little sentence restructuring. Many of my clients needs more targeted work within the lines, and I will make deletions or additions, if I think they’re necessary. Since line edits are huge undertakings and since what suits each manuscript is slightly different, I encourage potential clients to get twenty-page samples before committing to one, which I offer for only $30.

Here’s the sample line edit and Clara’s final version, incorporating my suggestions:

Sample Line Edit 

Final Deception So Deadly Chapter One

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01 Deception So Deadly (Run to You Book One) by Clara Kensie

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